Committed to society

We strive to the integrat the values ​​and principles associated with sustainable development in our business processes and in the relationship with our clients, employees, shareholders and suppliers. We want to be a more sustainable, stable, secure and more attractive company for all those who come to us.


Our identity

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Equal opportunities

We seek and create the ideal conditions for people to develop professionally just by taking into account the person and their abilities. We develop joint and transparent evaluation programs to attain objectives.

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We develop continuous training programs as well as career plans for all workers. Our objective is to improve their preparation both for the positions they hold and for their possible future professional development.

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Prevention of occupational hazards

We have our own occupational hazard prevention department that supervises and enforces the applicable regulations.

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We comply with the most demanding environmental control measures. We know that the future depends on sustainability. FACTOR 5 has the ISO 14001 environmental certification.


We support the global compact

FACTOR 5 has signed the United Nations Global Compact, which is currently the largest initiative for corporate responsibility and sustainable development in the world. The companies, which are part of this Pact, voluntarily pledge to incorporate the 10 universal principles in the activities carried out, both in their country of origin, and in our operations around the world. To ensure that its operations benefit both economies and societies around the world, FACTOR 5 focuses its efforts on 4 main areas: human rights, labor standards, the environment and anti-corruption.

Value added

Spanish Red Cross Guadalajara

Since 2010, we have actively collaborated with the Guadalajara Provincial Assembly, linking its collaboration to the Comprehensive Employment Service of the Red Cross, whose mission is to promote the labor insertion process of people in situations of social vulnerability.


How can we help you?

We develop sustainable logistics operations with a high level of satisfaction from our customers. We are experts in the implementation of projects and their continuous improvement based on technical innovation.